At The London Education Company we have a team of professionals holding leading positions in various industries on hand to assist you in revamping your CV. Most employers spend not even a minute reviewing an individual CV and so there is really no substitute for taking advantage of our professional experience.

The first opportunity to showcase yourself is through a CV or application form and we at The London Education Company work hard to ensure that you do not undersell yourself. Updating your CV can be stressful and challenging because you lack the expertise as to what a potential employer is looking for. Our CV guides are impressive in that they reach out and understand the client and market needs so that you can target your CV to match exactly what is required. The challenge is to build a CV that is clean and impactful which will really get you noticed. Remember, your CV is a chance to really sell yourself, it is a self-marketing tool to introduce you and your skills to a potential employer. It is not an autobiography.

The advantages of a cleverly written and well-presented CV are self-evident. The secret of our CV service lies in knowing what to include, what not to include, and what kind of a spin to put on your CV, to ensure you stand out and not just the document. Our aim is to sell your talents and quite simply, we will work on revising your CV until you are entirely happy.

Get in touch with The London Education Company and one of your CV gurus will look carefully at your CV and the criteria of job you are applying for. We have a thorough look at the documents from common mistakes to presentations and content and give you feedback highlighting what exactly can be improved and how it can be done.